The special soul

The sun touched her body.
The stars touched her heart.
But It was the moon that touched her soul. 
They all knew her secrets. 
She would exchange meaningful glances with them day and night.
They were her guardian angels. 
The cold wind touched her body, the chirping of the birds lifted her soul. 
The beautiful flowers made her happy.
She saw and felt that nobody else could. 
She loved them.
They accepted her love. 
She remained silent,
It was her anklets that spoke. 
The sweet sound of her anklets spoke a language which only they understood. 
She had formed a strong bond with the sun, stars, moon, birds and with nature.She no longer needed anyone to be around her.
She bonded with nature and listened to its sound.
She always smiled as she knew that nothing lasts forever.
She was wise enough to know that life has to be lived fully and independently. 
She didn’t need anyone to cling on to.
She knew she was different. .
She was here to fix up broken hearts.
She was here to remind people as to what “Love” is.
She was here to help people keep their love’s commitments.
She was here to show people how to live their lives powerfully.
She loved and remained happy. 
She was granted the boon to give love but would never ever receive love, lest she attached herself to ONE.
She would be for everyone but no one would ever be for her.
She was God’s special soul.
Her name was LOVE.