How to boost your creativity.

I hate creative blocks…

Very often I have my friends and colleagues ask me how I somehow manage to work for long hours tirelessly, sometimes without food a day and still be able to smile and catch up with them once in a while. My reply to lay them off is usually “NA GOD OO” (Pidgin English for, It’s by God’s doing.). The question popped up even more considering I have about 9 clients who are up on me for work delivered within the deadline about every week (not always, which is me being honest.), my task list is always full; yet I don’t lose my shine at work.

I decided to share a few tips on how I boost my productivity. In this piece I’ll be discussing how these seven tips work for me.

These are techniques which keep me going and are in no way universal or have to apply to you. I am a graphic designer and these tips help me be in control and live in the moment without multitasking. (Read How to live in the moment) I honestly wish I could be in the right position to help; as a matter of fact, I would be glad if these things work for you. Please do not fail to let me know if these things worked for you. I’ll be glad I participated in making you a better person.

1.) Research.

Research comprises “digging or searching systematically in order to increase your stock of knowledge, including knowledge of humans, and the use of new applications.” If you want to create there’s no other way than to do research. You get to explore, broaden your scope, you learn and improve skills already learned.

For you to make yourself to become a better version of you, you have to search for new Skills and never be contented with your state of affairs. Comfort is the enemy of excellence.

2.) Get you a smartphone.

Did you know smart phones have had a steady increase over time and space these days?With smartphones, nowadays, you can easily and effortlessly do almost everything you can with a computer. The comfort of having to type, plan and do more than what you can and still be mobile is the icing on the cake. Means you can type a document like this one while in a taxi without having to use your laptop.

Sexy right?

Another advantage of owning a smartphone besides the mobility and the fact that it has a personal assistant position in our life is the fact that these phones provide features that actually make your life easier with Applications from online stores (Google Play for Android and AppStore for iOS.)

PS: Please, never ever EVER work with your WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook and Snapchat notifications on. Those applications are very counterproductive.

3.) Self-motivation.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, same goes with bathing; that’s why it is recommended daily.” — Zig Ziglar.

Motivation is there to remind you that You need to be get things done, and that only you are the missing piece to getting it done. People with so much to show can find a reason within themselves to complete a task, no matter how challenging.

To become twice as productive as before, you need to look for some motivation techniques to make the best of yourself. In my case, I look up to folks like Gary Vaynerchuk’s Instagram , Ian Paget’s Podcast amongst others, even fitness speakers are great motivators. Most important, my personal favourites and the perfect cocktail: stories of nothingness to excellence.

4.) Enjoy your space and keep Productive Company.

I will advice you keep friends that actually help you achieve both your dreams. Friends who tickle your brain and make you want to go back to google or youtube to read and teach yourself.

Just when I moved out of my parent’s house and settled in Buea in January 2017, I took up the challenge of reducing my company and hangouts in order to have more space to nurse creativity and reduce distraction from work. I made sure the only voice in my room is mine (until my very loud ticking watch ruined it.), No one to remind you to do the dishes, make up your bed, run errands for them and tell you about clubbing this weekend or trifling discussions. People are bored and would never hesitate to share a “chip-chip” with you. Don’t dismiss them. Just amke them understand.

Rule #1 to be a genius: Surround yourself with other geniuses.

5.) Keep track of your progress:

I look at my designs now and I am glad I did not delete my very first designs/illustrations made back in 2014. Goal? having to see where I am from to what I am now is enough to keep me on my office desk for over 8 hours doing what I love. I can’t always wait to compare what I have done now and what I used to do. Same when I just learnt a new technique.

Keep track of your progress. keep your work, never delete. Mistakes are a very important. Make mistakes, be quick to identify them and correct them when they resurface.

Talking about progress, I was nominated at the BONTEH DIGITAL MEDIA AWARDS 2017 under the category of BEST GRAPHIC DESIGNER.

I’m counting on YOU! You can look up my work here: and Vote for me Here.

Photo credits: STUDIO ‘89

6.) Love Mondays.

Everyone hates Mondays: The traffic, the hustle, your boss, the 8 long hours of selflessness and not being a part of the decision making banter etc. Let me ask you this question — WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ABOUT IT?. You know you hate Mondays because of these reasons, are you comfortable with hating Mondays because of these reasons, If yes? WHY GRUMBLE? Just Sit in your discomfort and don’t ruin your day. Are you uncomfortable with your hatred for Monday? If NO? WHY WORRY? Just act on it and save your life.

Monday is an opportunity to start afresh. Monday is the reset button. Monday is a new grind, a new window to get new Money. I urge you to have a mindset of a monday lover and you will see how things would just feel better.

Every one can benefit from the good vibe mondays bring. I personally think if you are not successful, you should hate Fridays and the weekend. Gary Vee said it, I suggest you check out why here.

7.) Love the Process.

I NEVER let the fact that I am my own boss be a reason to slow down my pace. I have disciplined myself to be most active for 8 hours minimum a day like my colleagues who work at fancy offices.

I make sure I sketch down my ideas, I listen to really thought-provoking music, anything with weird sounds. My favourite genres: dubstep, electro house, hip-hop. My favourite musical artistes are Edi Ledrae, Jovi, Kanye West, KidCudi just to avoid a long list.

I make sure I finish my daily task before retiring home and get something to eat. If I am lucky, I can have a movie for myself. I may go back to my laptop (or not)to pen down a few ideas for a client’s job before going to bed by 11pm or midnight. I love this routine. Time, Money, creativity and Rest.

Loving your work process takes discipline. I may get bored one day, we never know, but one thing I’m sure of is I’ll switch it up When a need comes for it.

No matter what happens, keep your creativity burning.

I hope my tips work for you.

Now go and own your life, Remember to stand out!


oh yea! and I was nominated

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