How to easily avoid an ugly logo for your business.

“Bine… Petit frère, you fit design. Leave cartoon. Cartoon no go gi you soup now. Remember we are in Cameroon. You can be a graphic designer. That is where the real money is. Start with logo design. Be patient and your eye will get stronger.”
— William Takor (2014)

Mehn… I hated Takor. When he says things like this then grins. A year later I got my first job at Njorku as a graphic designer. I was just a beginner. I started off with 20,000XAF logos.. and now… well.. 😎

In this article, I’m going to be telling you How to avoid ugly logos. Yea, because getting an ugly logo is as easy as pouring water into a glass and drinking.

A logo is a face of a company, contrary to popular ideas of the logo being the most crucial element in a company’s success. It is quite easy to have a beautiful logo with crappy products or a crappy logo, with an awesome customer experience (irony, but true). My point is, a logo is like your face, it identifies and sets you apart from your competition. Key words related to logo design are simplicity, timelessness, memorable, Appropriate and versatile.

Good logos by nature have an unexpected uniqueness without real emphasis, like this chick who just dashes without being overdressed at a party. A logo should follow the five principles below to ensure that your design meets all of these criteria:

A dashing logo has to be memorable. This can only be achieved by keeping it simple.

A versatile logo is one which can work across platforms and media.

You need a timeless logo, will your logo still have the same effect in 10 years, will you have to get worried about changing it??

LOGO DO’s 😁👍🏾

  1. Do some research on your competitors. Know what is out there. (FOREVER logo.) as inspiration for OZI
  2. Keep the design simple. Highly detailed designs don’t scale well when printed or viewed in smaller sizes. Pass your logo into a photocopier 3 times and it disappears. Simple is the new sophisticated.
  3. Your logo should always be created in a vector format, to ensure that it can be scaled to any size. (i.e. Adobe Illustrator) — Use easily readable fonts. Please Photoshop is not a logo design App na… weh 😢
  4. Think big — and small. A great logo is one that looks well on your business card and a billboard. That could stand on your building! Shine ya eye!

5. Hire a professional. Dear Photographers, cartoonists, Painters, web developers and CEOs to startups, If you are not a graphic designer, hiring someone to work with you to create a logo is a worthwhile investment.

6. Your logo should create or evoke a positive image of your company. Please, … I can’t even talk here. Please tell me what is wrong here… it was not the designer’s intention but the logos are inappropriate.

the world’s most inappropriate logos… why?🤦🏾‍♂️


  1. Don’t use too much detail. Get rid of everything that is not absolutely necessary.
  2. Do NOT use clipart under any circumstances. Avoid Fiverr if you can. Fiverr designers are freelancers and are looking out for themselves. They don’t have the patience to go through what you stand for. Nor will they have the time to harness your vision and put it down that will best suit you. Proof? Most times they are flooded with jobs and won’t give in their 200% for your brand. However there are exceptions to the rule.
  3. Don’t use a photograph. A photo does not make a logo. (Who does that??!!!!)
  4. Don’t use too many fonts. Use 2 fonts at most, they must compliment each other. Nevertheless not all fonts go together
  5. Don’t use too many colors. 3 fonts Is usually fine (black + white +shade of another). If you want to be stubborn with your designer, you can add a complimentary color.
  6. Don’t get too trendy. When you design a logo — it’s for the long haul. So avoid trendy fonts and colors. Think long-term.
  7. Avoid boring and cliché designs. Lock for security, table for classroom and Green, Red and Yellow for Cameroon are no good at all levels. Not all all american logos that have Blue white and Red, same with Japan and South Africa. Be original.
  8. Don’t copy. Never use any copyrighted stock photos or clipart in your logo. If you copy, you’ll get sued! Always take care about the copyright issues. Look at PayPal and Pandora logo.
A combination of 2 or more letters to form a logo is called a MONOGRAM.

The “a” monogram was a logo I proposed to a celebrity photographer — Nji Asonganyi (@njiasonganyi on instagram.) Logos sometimes are a test for creativity simply because the rules governing logos creation are so vast and free yet the design guidelines are edgy. To me logos are the most demanding sector in the graphic design business.

Remember your logo will stand out when it is simple, timeless, memorable, versatile and Appropriate.

Now, you are armed with knowledge! Go and amaze your clients!!!


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