BiNeuro — the best friend of Advertising Agencies

Interview with Dmitry Pavlov, partner of the project BiNeuro and Premium partner Google

Dmitry, tell us more detail how BiNeuro helps advertising agencies in their business

Each advertising agency wants to earn more and providing the best possible service for their clients. When it comes to PPC advertising, agencies understand their needs in specialists for provide qualitatively advertising. Moreover, such specialists must be a sufficiently high level, they must be professionals who can competently set up PPC advertising, to run a campaign and achieve the client’s goals. But firstly, such specialists are just people who have their own merits and demerits. They need salary, weekends and vacation, they must sleep and can’t work more than 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. BiNeuro system of artificial intelligence works 24 hours a day and much cheaper than a team of specialists.

Indeed, BiNeuro system replaces technical specialists engaged in the PPC advertising maintenance. It works much more efficiently than any human because of it is an artificial intelligence system. For example, BiNeuro system has already conducted more than 80,000 advertising campaigns, each of them has remained in its memory. A specialist can make no more than 100 advertising campaigns a year and besides, human’s memory can fade. BiNeuro system is equivalent to a professional with 800 years of experience and supports advertising campaigns in all ​​Google’s languages. Accordingly, no one human can compete with the artificial intelligence system in routine and conveyor works, or in optimizing process one or other advertising activity.

So, firstly, using BiNeuro system the companies provide better services for their customers, and secondly, they significantly save money on specialists’ salaries. Therefore, it turns out, that using our system, the advertising agency earns more.

But even more benefit has web studio! Usually, the web studios just create web sites, and then their customers go to advertising agencies. Using BiNeuro system, every web studio will be able to become an advertising agency! After all, when web studio has done a great job of creating a web site, and often it turned out be quite problematic and not always profitable deal, their customers go further to advertising agencies! It’s a difficult business, I know it well.

Now, UCT World corporation can offer an effective tool — the BiNeuro system, which will allow web studio to leave their customers inside and provide them with quality internet advancement service!

You said BiNeuro system already done about 80,000 advertising campaigns ...

Yes, of course, we have been developing and using in-house version BiNeuro system since 2009. It has already done more than 80,000 Google advertising campaigns.

Why do you offer this system to advertising agencies only now?

BiNeuro system was created and had used by us in-house only for clients of UCT World Corporation. It was our competitive advantage. But we are constantly developing and decided to scale up BiNeuro, by conversion to WEB interface. Owing to this, even a small advertising agency will be able to independently and effectively manage a large advertising internet campaign. UCT offers an effective system, its technical part, for allow advertising agencies to earn more.

Is it more profitable to work with BiNeuro than to hire specialists?

Of course, we have made such calculation. You will find detailed information about BiNeuro effectiveness on our website, or in our White Paper.

Long story short, regularly advertising agency profit margin is about 20% of advertising budget, and with BiNeuro the one will increase to 50%. You can proof BiNeuro effectiveness by yourself. Just connect your account to the system at and you will see the results after one month.

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