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Jun 4, 2018 · 2 min read

BiNeuro is the Blockchain inside NeuroAdvertising Ecosystem. The core of BiNeuro is the unique Neuronet, which can run your digital advertising campaign by at least 50% more efficiently than any high profile specialist can do.

BiNeuro is the one-stop solution to all needs of digital agencies, traffic suppliers, marketing specialists and advertisers. We combined the Artificial Intelligence with a Blockchain technology to eliminate main issues of digital advertising market — high cost and low efficiency, traffic fraud, middleman monopolies and lack of transparency. Using BiNeuro you will be able to find the right traffic from the right source for the best price to achieve the best results. Transparency and decentralization, incorporated in the smart contract, provides for great opportunities for the participants of BiNeuro Ecosystem to develop their businesses. The power of BiNeuro’s Artificial Intelligence will drastically transform the $220 billion Market of Digital Advertising.

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Google Premier Partner (Top 10 nominated in 2017) shares the secret of its growth. The Neuronet to manage your Google advertising campaign

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