So what are you proposing?
Moishe Pipik

Actually it would be a Capitalist dystopia. Under communism you wouldn’t have self driving trucks because everybody works for the benefit of the state and rises to the level of their own ability. It’s only under capitalism that people are seen as being unnessesary if getting rid of them leads to higher profits for the shareholders.

You’re not getting a little inequality in this scenario, you’re getting huge amounts of civil unrest inducing inequality, the kind of inequality that may well lead to the end of the status quo as we know it.

That’s the dystopia we live in now, look out of your window and watch it barreling down on you. Watch as the people in the bottom fifth for income literally form a militia to protect a guy in the top fifth of income who says he’s going to look after them and protect their jobs. I live 5000 miles from America and I can smell the bullshit from here.

Or… We could have a minimum income for everyone. Just enough to get by on with our basic needs met. Then you would have the freedom to do whatever you wanted to improve your situation as you saw fit. Design an app that will allow you rise into the realms of the higher earners, or become an artist who sells just enough to travel now and then. Work or don’t. You survive just the same.

The way I see it it’s that or we sit and watch the world burn.