It comes down to common sense—and using it to optimize marketing campaigns.

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Marketing has a long history of dependency on advertising. When talking about marketing campaigns, most professionals would immediately think of ad budget, spending, and ROI or ROAS. It’s safe to say the prevailing belief about marketing is that it’s a pay-to-win game.

The same applies to growth marketing. While everyone knows data-driven performance optimization and experimentation are its core, most still tend to rely on ad spend as the first indicator of campaign effectiveness. This mindset is by no means wrong, yet it’s downplaying a critical element in the equation: Organic factors.

More importantly, their oversight often leads to the undervaluation, then under investigation, and, finally, misunderstanding of the topic. Eventually, mistakes will be made at expensive costs. …


Binh Dang

Mobile growth manager by profession. Curious about many things by nature. Passionate about culture, marketing, education, innovation and games by choice.

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