Me from the past

In the following posts are collected images from my website, which is not available after a year of using. I didn’t want to maintain it. In fact, I didn’t want to write for a year. It didn’t set out to be “a year challenge”. It only means I didn’t want to do something, and it just happens that when I want to do it again, it had been a year.

To keep it connected, to keep myself connected to my past self, I am creating another blog. To try to write down, and make sense of what had happened in the last 1 year of my life. Therefore, to help myself to make sense of what I am doing.

Below are the works that I had made and published on this website for a year. It was for my graduated show, and I think this reason for its existence wasn’t strong enough for it to survive and serve any other purpose. Keeping it somewhere now, is more of a documentation of my own thoughts.

Most of those works had been continued, and will be updated in later posts. But I must say, I didn’t really make anything since. Rather, I was going around and collect more ideas, references. And most importantly, spent my time to think more about them.

To help myself to organise my bodies of works, I will write each topic in a separated post, until I finish to bring back most of the content of my website.

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