We know that recycling can be complicated so we collected some of the most common areas that make people confused. If you want to up your recycling game, read on!

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1. Those nasty takeaway coffee cups

You’re about to have your daily dose of caffeine in a big coffee shop but realise that you forgot to bring your reusable cup. Never mind, you’ll just have it in a takeaway coffee cup and then put it in the recycling bin so it doesn’t harm the planet, right? Well, let us tell you something.

Despite your hardest efforts to recycle, most regular takeaway coffee cups end up in…

South Korea is one of the largest consumers of disposable plastic worldwide, with single-use plastic consumption equating to 98.2kg per person annually.

In an attempt to tackle Korea’s plastic crisis and reduce plastic waste by 50% in 10 years, the Ministry of Environment has recently introduced a plastic cup ban for customers drinking in-store at all cafes. With over 18,000 cafes in Seoul alone, which is only marginally less than the total number of cafes in the UK, the ban has significant potential to help reduce the country’s plastic waste. Plastic cups can now only be used for take-out drinks…

Philippa Roberts, CEO Binit

I was lucky enough to be part of a panel in the Local Authority Theatre at RWM in 2016, talking about the future of waste management. Lee Marshall, David Greenfield and I set out our visions for how we thought the sector would change and where the challenges and opportunities would be in 2030.

What the world will look like in 2030 is the first thing to think about, and the hardest. In the UK, these dying days of the May government are a distant memory. The dust is finally settling after the tense years of…

Compostable. It may not mean what you think.

It is hard to think of anything less popular right now than a styrofoam cup. A plastic straw perhaps?

It’s taken us a while to realise, but every part of the natural world is contaminated with discarded single use plastics and the chemicals that once made them. Used once, but with us for lifetimes, our awakening to the damage they are doing has made single-use plastics, once epitomised as the ultimate in convenience, a shameful pariah.

Nowhere has the kick back against single use plastics been felt more than around food and…

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binit was created to take the waste out of waste. We don’t believe in waste of any kind; time, energy, ideas, money, resource. We make the most of them all.

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