The Beauty of Direct Booking

The Beauty of Direct Booking

Who doesn’t want to have more direct booking? It is the absolute best way to increase your hotel’s ADR.

However, it is not as easy as it seems, since there is quite a lot of heavy competition on the market. For many years, rate parity has been a very controversial topic in the online travel world.

Big brothers such as Booking, Expedia tell you that you can not sell rooms cheaper on your hotel’s website politely by saying that if you sell your hotel rooms cheaper on your website then you may loose your OTA ranking…

Of course, it is not fair. So, government authorities in Europe have started to investigate this topic, and they have removed (Expedia and Booking) broad rate parity clauses from their contract.

Actually, it all started in 1996. Triptease published an infographic on their blog, which we have shared below.

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