How Self-Storage can Benefit Small Businesses

Binod Bhandari
3 min readMar 27, 2017


Sure your business can start on a small scale, but is it really small in terms of operations? Ah, no! No matter how tiny your office size is, as you grow, you need extra space to store your stuffs, including important documents, tools and other things. Hiring office spaces on rent for storage purposes in today’s world can literally burn a hole in your pocket! This is where self-storage comes into the picture. It is interesting to note that small businesses, artists and entrepreneurs can benefit a lot with its usage.

What is self-storage all about?

Self-storage is a setup in which customers rent space in a warehouse in order to store their personal or business possessions like documents, company files, stocks or other equipment. It is user-friendly, inexpensive, systematic, and a straightforward way of handling space related issues. This, in turn, saves a lot of space in your existing office (which is ‘small’) for your employees, and you can use it for other office developments.

Benefits that small businesses can obtain from self-storage units

1. Online portals have given great platforms for artisans to sell their work across the world. The selling items include handicrafts, second-hand items which are bulked up, and these take up a lot of storage space in your business. You can alternatively stock your raw materials and goods available for sale in self-storage units.

2. People in this business know that there a lot of electronic equipment required, which may not be functional at the moment, but may be used sometime later. In-repair or broken electronics use up a lot of storage space and makes it hard for you to work. A self-storage unit helps to stock up such unused items, and you can use only the ones that you need at the moment.

3. Talk of a gallery or theatre, and you’d be reminded of works that show signs of dynamic creativity. New works of art keep coming in and going out of your galleries. This also leads to piling up of such pieces. This is when a self-storage unit can help you by preserving those items which you don’t need to display currently.

4. If you are running a business that involves publishing magazines, pamphlets, brochures or books, it is obvious that you would have surplus physical stock with you, which has to be stored. A self-storage unit plays an important role for you, because it helps you to keep your stock safe, and from there itself, you can ship your stock to your customers.

You can’t be an entrepreneur if you’re faint hearted. There’s a lot that you need to take care of, and storage facilities is just one added headache, especially, if you’ve just started on a small scale, and do not have much space to store important things. This is where self-storage units step in! It makes your life easier. Try it!



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