The Choking…Game

Wise decisions, thinking over… well, this is not about all teenagers. Impulsivity, intemperate youth speaking, rash decisions with a lot of irresponsible and thoughtless behaviour, and unfortunately, very often, this behaviour is encouraged by the herd. Some time ago these “adventurous actions” were quite harmless and non threatening, especially in comparison with nowadays. Today these adventures became more life threatening. This is just a game but this game is only one for a lifetime.

The Choking game — they also call it Blackout or Fainting Game — is purposed for getting maximum experience from it. Voluntary and purposive oxygen deprivation to the brain can lead to unconsciousness, brain disease, dysfunction or damage (temporary or permanent), or even death (

Increasing pressure by frequent breathing or squats, they tighten each other’s neck or their own neck with a rope and then weaken. Because of breath shortness in the brain, they lose consciousness for a few seconds. After the rope is removed, blood goes again to the brain and the teenager start feeling special sensations, temporarily falling into a state of euphoria.

The purpose audience for this game is 12–15-years-old teenagers, who can easily undergo the crowd’s point of view. There are lot of forums where they discuss the rules of “getting high”, share impressions and ways of playing, both alone and in pairs. A wave of deaths occurred over the past few years. As a rule, children die of suffocation playing alone and having no possibility to weaken the rope.

As the psychologists of Brooklyn Summer teen travel camp ( say, it’s vital to talk to your child. This “entertaining” activity that teenagers eagerly take part in is not a game. They may result not only in problems for youth, but also may lead to more serious events when a teenager becomes a grown-up person. Some adolescents who had experience of the Choking game tend to “play” erotic asphyxiation.

Why do they do that?

Well, the reasons are different. But none of them was reasonable and defensible. Some say that it gives a short high. Others claim that lack of oxygen brings to enhancing erotic feelings. But the truth is — and no matter the reason! — that each time when a teenager plays this game there is a huge neurological damage.

You may know this effect. Like in the childhood, when you came out to the schoolyard and hyperventilated just to get a dizzy feeling resembling intoxication. Unfortunately, modern teenagers are more “creative” and have found a new way of getting this effect. Alas, only few parents understand what is going on with their child, because documented cases of death or injury from the Choking game are very few.

“Give pride of place to your teenager regularly”, say coaches of teen travel camp. Talk about everything: news, hobbies, everything that your teenager is interested in. Choose the right time to talk about such dangerous games like the Choking game. Be open with your child, be honest even in the least things, and the reward to you will be his/her openness, trust and readiness to share with his/her worries and important issues.

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