When I do workshops, I get questions about product management books I would recommend for fellow product managers or entrepreneurs. Usually, I direct them to some product-focused blogs as I like information to be concise. It is also a lean approach to validate the content before investing your time.

Here are my top 3 books for product folks.

Book 1: The lean startup by Eric Ries

When my methods were primitive during my early product manager days, one of my colleagues recommended this book. This book changed my idea of product development altogether and it is a must-read for all product managers and entrepreneurs.

Eric Ries adapts the…

I was invited to hold a one hour round table workshop at Slush 2019. This workshop was part of the Ready to Launch event which focuses on product management. I am impressed with Jere Partanen who reached out months before the event and maintained a regular cadence. When Sini Ågrén took over the practicalities, I could see she was keen on making sure the learning outcomes are clear and actionable.

During the workshop, I met enthusiastic folks who came up with thought-provoking questions. We had interesting conversations around different product strategies.

For the folks who are curious about the workshop…

As a product manager, you often come across this question from your team; “Why should we work on this feature?”. You would then pull up your sleeves and showcase those awesome user stories to convince your team. The team delivers and life goes on. Sometimes you hear questions such as “How does this feature fit into the vision and mission of the organization?”. Now, you need to be extremely careful while answering this question as it threatens the future of the feature itself.

Before we jump into the details, let’s brush up on some basics. The very first time I…

When I was invited by Elisabet Miheludaki (CEO of Amplaffy) to coach at the Digital Prototyping Weekend (organized by the Shortcut), my laziness kicked in as I did not want to spend a whole weekend coaching. Eventually, I made it to the event on Saturday afternoon and what awaited me was one of the most interesting learning experiences.

There was a flock of enthusiastic people with creative ideas and the environment was brimming with positive energy and attitude. The aim of the event was to learn the process of creating a viable business model or a prototype over the weekend.

Often we hear the word “product manager”, have you been wondering what are the responsibilities of a product manager or what type of skillset a product manager should acquire over time?

A product manager (PDM) should not be confused with a project manager (PM). A project manager leads a team or a team is reporting to the project manager. Whereas a PDM does not lead any team nor is a boss of anyone. A PDM works across teams, listens to all the teams and takes the product forward.

That brings to the basic question of what is a product? A…

Binoy Chemmagate

Been working in the ICT industry for more than a decade. Passionate about networking, WebRTC, and product management. Former product guy @ callstats.io, Zalando

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