How Osborne’s Austerity Is a Wealth Transfer to Germany

The Tories will claim to have saved about £30 billion from welfare spending by 2019. But to achieve this they will take this money from the poorest in society. Refer to

To survive this, the poorest in Britain have changed their shopping habits. They stopped shopping in Tesco, the Co-operative and Sainsburys and switched to Aldi and Lidl. So now they are spending a little less on groceries and clothing — but with different shops. So what I hear you say!

The problem is that Sainsburys, the Co-operative and Tesco bought a lot of their produce from British farmers and food manufacturers whereas Aldi and Lidl buy from Europe — and primarily German produce. In 2015 Lidl had record turnover of £4 Billion. In 2014 Aldi reported a turnover close to £7 Billion. That’s £11 billion pounds each year that largely now buys German produce — not British. By 2020 that will be £55 billion spent with German farmers and food manufacturers.

So to save his £30 billion in welfare Osborne has not only removed this from the poorest in society but will have removed over £55 billion from UK farmers and food manufacturers and transferred this wealth to Germany by 2020.

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