The spy who never died (Part 10) — Seriality

Albert Einstein called the idea of seriality “interesting, and by no means absurd.”

Others call it synchronicity — meaningful coincidences.

David had found several women and men that all shared the same facial measurements according to facial recognition systems and all mostly in East Germany after 1952. They were all doppelgängers.

But the parallels didn’t stop there. David found the women rose to positions of influence within the SED political party in East Germany. Whereas the two men one became a senior NATO officer and the other a high ranking East German politician. Of course they could all be the same woman and the same man in multiple disguises. Two clever spy twins — a man and a woman. Both with freedom to move East to West through the Berlin wall.

Test these yourself:

Woman shopping in Plauen
Woman in political rally

Note: If you right click the images and copy the image address and paste into (David Morgan’s Tests) you will see they also closely match other people as well. Other dopplegangers.

In searching for a link to Tamara Bunke for the Isdal woman case — based on the suggestion of another Facebook group member — David had found what he called the Leipzig clones — although some were in pictures from other parts of East Germany.

Leipzig man
NATO Officer

He found other faces of men and women who are close matches but not 0.5 against David’s test group in FaceHunter. But they scored above 0.5 against these men and women using MS azure. Other face matching software could be used but David believed it was probably a question of image quality that they scored below 0.5 in some tests.

For example, an East German politician matched the NATO officer.

East German politician — twin of NATO officer
Leipzig student
Match of leipzig student to other leipzig man
Man behind Ruthild Hahne
another match of Leipzig student to man behind Ruthild Hahne


“There are so many matches like these it would take quite some time to process them all, but I will add more if I think they add to the story.

If you want to add meaning to why so many doppelgängers were born in a pre-War era you could imagine nature sees a need to create leaders — like Queen bees and that genetically this face makes a successful leader.

Alternatively it could just be in a universe of infinite possibilities these things happen.”

The seriality for David was that the Isdal woman case was about a woman with multiple identities. In trying to find her he found other people with multiple identities — or multiple people with one facial identity.

NOTE: To track the source of the above images — right click to get the image address then paste into Betaface image ID software. The face should find the matching photo. You may struggle to find the face if in a crowd — but it will be there.


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