Why Japan?

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Why Japan?

That is my biggest reason why until now, I never surrendered yet to chase my dreams. But, why Japan? What happen with that beautiful country (if I take a look in many pictures before), so it could be my biggest passion nowadays. The answer is I don’t know either, for sure. So, let’s take a look my childhood memories, just a little bit.

Begin with something that maybe don’t have any relations for my passion by now.

Anime. One thing that makes me fell in love at the first time with Japan. Every Sunday morning until afternoon, I only sat in my couch in my narrow living room, just watched anime on TV. Slowly but for sure, my mindset was fulfilled with everything about Japanese culture. On anime story, I always saw how people in Japan works, life, eat, sleep, etc. I thought that is simply adorable for me. I didn’t even know exactly how Japan in real world because in that time, at 5 years old boys, I only watched anime. The world that is created by human but I think that’s the most influental things because someone can create artificial world with very high similiarity on the real one.

The second one, is Technology. I watched in TV and internet how Japan people created many inventions that amaze me. Makes something useful from garbage. It just like streams on every veins of Japanese people. Creative. But they never left behind their culture even they are the most hi-tech nation in The World nowadays. Sure I’m in love. Imagine how teenagers in Japan wear kimono in Shibuya, as you know Shibuya is one of hipster place in Tokyo, with so many department store, modern sense everywhere. But you may see many Japanese wear traditional clothes there. They never left behind their culture.

What’s next is Music. Japanese music is my childhood memories. Related to anime. Every anime have original soundtrack. Begin with that, time after time I love Japanese music. Started with concrete influence with one of legendary bands in Japan, L`arc~en~Ciel. I love their music, their style of performance. Hyde’s voices, Tetsuya’s bass style are my favorite until now. Every single day I listen Japanese music. On school, trips, bed, or everywhere. I influence with their style of music. So much.

On to the next. Japan’s workaholic culture. Maybe many people don’t love this one. But not for me. Typically I love work. I hate wasting my time to do nothing. I have to do something everytime. But yeah sometimes I need do “the art of doing nothing” also (LOL). Work 8–5 is good for me, because I feel more productive there. This passion, come up when I saw Japanese works. They’re so passionate in every work they do. Even I know too much work is no good for health and psychology. That’s why I said I need to do nothing also. I learn a lot from how Japanese work, but I have to know my limit. Eventhough, I love what Japanese do for daily life.

Hopefully, in the future, I wanna be permanent resident in Japan. With all my passion, I’m sure I could do that. Time will answer my hope. Now I just wanna do my best, so when that opportunity comes, I have ready.

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