How Binti Can Help States Launch a New CCWIS System Without Any Up Front Spend and While Reducing Budget

First, some quick background on Binti

Binti can help states build a new CCWIS system without any new budget

SaaS is the future, embrace it

  • Proven results: Binti’s modules have been used widely and achieved measurable results. There is not the typical risk of a failed launch given it has been successfully launched in so many agencies.
  • Quick launch: As a result of an intensive and thoughtful design process, Binti can configure and customize the software and launch very quickly — we have launched in 12 weeks or less more than 80 times.
  • Positive feedback from other agencies: Binti has successfully launched with over 80 child welfare agencies across the country. We have never had a customer discontinue working with us. On the other hand, the risks of more custom-built solutions have been well documented — numerous cost overruns and failed systems after investment of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars.
  • Ongoing improvement at no extra cost: Updates and changes are included in the annual fee, and occur quickly and on an ongoing basis. For example, updated forms or data fields can typically be completed in less than 2 weeks. Binti has never charged for an update or change to the software.
  • Aligned incentives: Binti’s all-inclusive annual license fee includes the launch and use of the software with unlimited users, all configurations and customizations, comprehensive support for all users and intensive account management. This aligns the incentives of Binti and the agency, since each year Binti must earn ongoing business by providing new features, outstanding user support, and ongoing implementation assistance and training.
  • Benefit from other agencies using the system: Given Binti is used in 80+ agencies in 15 states, Binti is able to dedicate a large engineering team that can iterate more quickly on launching new features than any agency would be able to afford on their own. Each agency benefits from other agencies using the system. Even though agencies share the broader platform, Binti is configurable so that each agency has their own custom look and feel, forms, data fields, etc.
  • Enhanced collaboration to serve all youth and families: With Binti’s SaaS solution, both public and private agencies serving youth and families use the system as part of the all-inclusive annual license fee.

In addition to not spending new budget, Binti can also save significant existing budget

  • Faster approvals means higher federal reimbursement — Binti helps approve foster/adoptive families more quickly. If agencies take over 90 days approving emergency placements, they lose federal funding. Many agencies are losing significant federal funding due to this and have recouped 5x or more the cost of Binti just on this one line item.
  • Social worker time savings — Binti saves social workers 20–40% of their time due to reduced duplicate entry, empowering their work flow, automating reports and enabling families to complete paperwork online.
  • Reduction in congregate care cost — Binti enables agencies to approve 80% more families per year, helping children stay in a family setting instead of group homes. This drives better outcomes for youth and also saves money.
  • Maximize IV-E eligibility — Binti can maximize IV-E funding by maximizing accuracy and robustness of eligibility tracking.
  • Reduced cost of transport — agencies spend a lot of money transporting children to their school and community of origin. Binti greatly increases the number of options for homes close to a child’s school, and uses mapping and geographic matching to help agencies find the best home.This helps youth stay in their community and saves significant resources on transportation and logistics for staff and youth.
  • Technology cost savings for private agencies — Most state systems cannot be easily configured for differences in counties or private agencies, and do not allow their private agencies to use the state system as their system of record. This results in a lot of extra cost for each private agency to procure their own system. If a state licenses Binti, Binti will launch across all counties and private agencies within the state.

How to explore this option for your state




Binti is a technology company that builds software for public and private child welfare agencies to help every child have a family and a fair chance at life

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Binti is a technology company that builds software for public and private child welfare agencies to help every child have a family and a fair chance at life

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