The disappearance of $ 128 billion from the Turkish Central Bank.

The issue of evaporation of $ 128 billion from the Turkish Central Bank is still dominating the attention of the Turkish street, despite the statements of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The former head of the Turkish Central Bank, Durmush…

A human rights report monitors Turkey's recruitment of 1,316 children in 5 years

An Egyptian human rights organization revealed Turkey's involvement in the recruitment of about 1,316 children, during the period from 2014 to 2019, from the areas it occupies in northern Syria.

Under the title “Turkey’s involvement in recruiting…

The Turkish lira is losing the battle of the resistance .

The Turkish lira fell for the fifth consecutive day, during trading on Friday, affected by the high yields of US bonds.

The successive losses incurred by the lira since the beginning of this week have contributed to erasing all…

Farmajo is a criminal.

The Somali opposition has described the attempts of incumbent President Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo as a criminal for his attempts to stop peaceful protests by force.

The Council of the Union of Presidential Candidates (opposition) said the outgoing president is responsible for the violence in Mogadishu, adding…

The Erdogan’s regime arrests of pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Turkish victims of Erdogan Turkish victims of Erdogan
A human rights organization revealed that 219 pregnant and breastfeeding women have been subjected to arbitrary arrest and detention by the Turkish authorities within 4 years.

The report is issued by the Belgium-based…

You probably didn’t know that California is named after a black queen.


History is interesting. The deeper one digs, the more likely one can find many possibly true stories and explanations for the same incident. …

Erdogan's policy in African countries

Under the presidency of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey continues its expansionist policy and its strategic objectives by supporting extremist groups in the Sahel and West Africa, of which it practices all forms and methods of support to African countries such as Niger, Chad, Mali and…

"The Muslim Brotherhood" and false slogans

Mohammed Nafeh

From a historical point of view, since the establishment of the terrorist Brotherhood movement by "Hassan Al-Banna" and until this day, their project is one and the same.

For the sake of destabilizing the countries in which they live, spreading stray thought…

Turkification & division of Syria

Ankara is working day and night to convert the areas it occupies in northern Syria into Turkish states.

It is not just a matter of mobilizing soldiers, vehicles and weapons in those areas, but of imposing Turkish hegemony over the population in language, trade, police…

Turkey: The economy, internal crises & Erdogan’s external ambitions

Week after week, the economic crises facing the Turkish markets are intensifying with the continued decline in exchange rates and their consequences on various sectors.

The Turkish lira retreated again, losing 1% of its price against the dollar in early trading…


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