Sunrise at Trincomalee

Couple of years back I went on a trip to Trincomalee, a popular destination in Sri Lanka. Trincomalee is famous for its beaches and that’s exactly what I remember it for. Among all the memories I brought with me from that trip with my family, the sight of sunrise at the beach remains engraved in my memory. And from time to time I wander back to that memory in an attempt to relive its gracefulness.
Nilaveli beach is the most famous of all the beaches in Trincomalee. So it was a must to visit this beach on our trip too. We arrived at Nilaveli by night and it was dark. So dark, that we couldn’t see the beauty of the beach. We could only hear it’s sound and feel the sea breeze wrapping around us. With hopes of revisiting the beach in the morning we returned to the sea side hotel we were staying at.
I was the first to wake up next morning. I woke up earlier than usual as if i heard the ocean call for me. I still remember how amazed I was to see the sight of the ocean through the hotel window that day. The sun was rising and the ocean was golden with its light. And all of a sudden, I knew why this was such a special beach! The sun seemed larger and brighter than usual. The sea was calmer than any other sea I had seen before.

I gazed at it for minutes, may be hours- I momentarily lost track of time. It was indeed a Sidewalk Moment. That’s what I call such moments; the kind of moments where we step out of the race of life and onto the sidewalk, and let the moment sink into us.

After I had had my dose of sunrise, my mind wandered about the intricacies of the scenery that hung in front of me. My eyes focused on the subtle patterns forming on the ocean surface as sunlight bounced off of it. Then out of nowhere a fishing boat appeared near the horizon. It seemed so small in the middle of the vast ocean.

I wandered how alone it might feel being there in the middle of the ocean with no one but the fish he caught to keep his company. It must be a tiresome job without a doubt, to head out to the sea before daybreak and wait there hoping to catch more fish than he did on his worst day. But then again, I longed for what he had. Not the tiresome job his fate had bestowed him, but the opportunity to sit right in the middle of that beautiful scenery. All around him was glistening water, all he felt was the wind on his skin and all that he heard was the sound of the ocean- oh how I’d love to have that just for a moment. I imagined how, if I was in that boat, I would put my hand out into the water.

But I don’t think it was a sight to behold to the fisherman. He must have seen countless sunrises like that. The sensation would have brought him less satisfaction, if not at all. To him its the place he did his job day after another. May be he looks across the ocean towards the hotels on the beach from time to time, and wishes he was fortunate enough to spend a day or two there.

It’s ironic how, possibly for a brief moment, I wanted what he had and he wanted what I had. May be it was his Sidewalk Moment too.