5 ways not to pitch your product
Bram Kanstein

Look: https://lnkd.in/e2z54ds . This is addressed to the ladies of reproductive age but perhaps you’ll get it, too! :-) “The market offers you anything other than what’s needed. What’s needed (succinctly in med terms) is monitoring the Hypothalamus — Pituitary — Gonad Feedback Loop (F). Because the F is what controls your menstrual cycles — your well-being revolves around it from teenage to menopause.”

The short URL in the image is https://lnkd.in/embUva3 (QUICK INTRO 4 SLIDES).

Like blood pressure and heart rate, a woman’s menstrual cycle is a vital sign of her overall health. bioZhena’s cervical sensor provides the menstrual cycle signature and is the core of a new technology platform hinted at above and here: https://biozhena.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/applications-on-white-background.jpg . If intrigued, check out http://v.gd/E0KTB6 = Tweetroducing bioZhena’s market in 7 slides. From empowering women with home-use fertility & cervical screening tool to physicians’ means of profiling and better helping their female patients.

Should you want more, please see us at https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/biozhena-corporation for things such as 10 narrated slides about the Folliculogenesis In Vivo™ technology and for contact info.