1967 to 1973

I was born in Picton Ontario, Canada 12 days in to 1965.
In 1967 we moved from Ferguson St. to Bridge St.
I turned 4 in 1969 and I was so smart, I was put admitted to school that Sept. Kindergarden. 
My mother had a friend who had three boys, older than me.
They were entrusted to walk me home from school.
At 4 years old, I was filling my lunch box with with Hot Wheels at the Stedman’s Department Store. Shoplifting became my favorite pass-time.
Neil and Wayne Day were my bad influences as a child.
I remember riding my trike down the town hill with my sister on the back. She jumped off, throwing the trike into a speed wobble and throwing me over the handle bars. 
We moved to Philip St. the summer of 1967.

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