1973 to 1978

Philip Street was a real nice street. The police chief lived maybe six houses away on the corner of Lowe St. Retirement home on the corner. A castle, just a few minutes away from the end of my street.
The first thing I did was learn to ride my bike. 
Not sure what mom did but she was home to make meals. Dad was a mechanic then. Was introduced to the 1973 Challenger

when my old babysitter shows up with her boyfriend from Toronto, and they both had one.
Great summer. A family friend, George, lived with us too. He had a 1968 Impala

So I was surrounded by power at all times.
My parents split in 1975. I was 10
I spent that year doing weekends at dads place.
I also learned to drive in a 1968 Dodge Dart, like this one.

My dad would take me to the bar and leave me in the car.
He would get full and I would drive home.
Loved those weekends with dad.
He bought me this awesome bike.

And then sold it the next week for a couple 24’s of beer.

Without my dad around, my mom was never home. She worked at the Royal Hotel at night and, who knows what else she did for money.
From 1975 to 1978, grade 5 to 8, Life was pretty shitty. Poor as fuck.
I learned to smoke when I was 8 got high for the first time in ’76 got drunk for the first time in ’77 and graduated grade 8 in ‘78.
After graduating, we moved to Kingston.