Ever since 1984, I have been a father.
Every child is different. But they can all carry the same morals and values.
There used to be a time when parents taught their children right from wrong. 
They taught respect. How to get it and how to give it.
With that came the term, Beat it into them.
I didn’t have to beat my children but I will say they have all felt my hand.
Children will rebel, I know, I was one.
They need structure to build on. 
Some of my children see me different than the others do. 
My oldest son is distant.
All resent something I did or didn’t do.
Children need security.
My boys are all men. My baby turns 21 today. He’s the closest to me I think.
It’s hard to tell but at this point, he and I share more. His whole life he was the one who experienced life changing happenings. He resents one but we can talk about it.
I only have one daughter. She was in the middle and she was the only girl.
Hard to raise. Not her fault. The only child who got into trouble. 
I believe she loves me. She gave us a beautiful grandson.
She is such a good mother…

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