Handicapped Parking.

My wife and I were getting back to our car from shopping at a department store. A woman who is parked beside a clearly marked handicapped parking spot, empties her items from her shopping cart and leaves the shopping cart in the empty handicapped parking spot. She climbs into her car and ignores the cart totally. I get back out of my car and proceed to remove the shopping cart from the handicapped parking spot and walk it over to the building with the rest of the carts. Behind me, I can hear a woman’s voice screaming something from the direction of the woman’s car. I turn around. Sure enough she was yelling something at me, from her window and waving a blue handicapped placard that hangs from the mirror, out the window. She was saying something about how she herself is handicapped and was nice enough to not use the handicapped parking spot.
And she then proceeded to call me an asshole and said I shouldn’t be allowed on the roads. I just stare at her in disbelief and she drove away with her jaws still flapping. Handicapped Parking.

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