How did it get out of control?

Was it created to be what it has become?
I am overwhelmed by the way some European in 1480’s decided to make a journey by sea…
By 1492 his reality, his dedication, his belief system got him to North America.
We are the results of one mans dream…
This Nation is unique because it became the United States of America, and Canada.
The worlds worse enemy and a peace keeper.

How coincidental. It’s almost like we could blow the fuck out of the USA if Canada wasn’t there. Those poor bastards don’t deserve the shit the USA is dragging them into. 
Coroprate America is out of control. 
The big money is in weapons, because the Americans think they should own guns.
Poor Canada. Even back in 1869, Prime Minister John A. MacDonald quotes himself, in saying, “..citizens needed to protect themselves from American criminals who crossed into Canada. From the United States flowed lawless characters in the habit of carrying weapons.”

We have known it for ever. Let’s shut down the Gun machine and just end it for the best.
No more Corporate greed, Put your money into solar glass and build a better tomorrow if you have to buy shares in a company.
Shut down the military complex. The Americans have created a perpetual war to look like there is evil everywhere. Let end it.
Lets Join as one Nation as Canica and let Canada take over the whole show with me as the guy who acts as the mediator Online evry day speaking to the government for the people. The senate has to go. No closed door bullshit.
Honest government spending. No military blunders like the Submarines and jet fighters. We don’t do war here in Canada. What has the USA and the United Nations gotten us into?
Let’s grow up and fix this shit. Talking to politicians doesn’t seem to work. Even if the representative is your neighbour, you can’t trust him because he gets paid. I’ll go to work but still find time in the day to let the country know what I know. I won’t ask for money.
The whole American dream was a scam from day one when the first boat left the harbour…
Look at what we have now. Clinton and Trump
When did it get so out of control?

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