I Believe we can ReGrow the planet. I am sure people have written about it. 
I believe that spraying the clearcut lots with a process of natural ingredients, we can easily ReGrow the forests and bring awareness to what we are doing to the planet and why no one has tried very hard to force the subject.
I think that if people are gonna start spraying shit it the sky, they should consider spraying a natural process that the public knows about and that is close to the ground, not up in the stratosphere.
Trees and plants eat Carbon. There is a silent enemy in the Carbon industry.
There should be no carbon industry. Climate Change is a scam in my opinion.

Trees and plants don’t make money after they have been cut down. 
But insecurity of air quality does.
Weather modification is a scam to make you think that we can’t fit this so science and technology is gonna step in.
Just put the trees and plants back. Seed bombs exist,

We know how Mycelium works.
Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World 
~Book on google

It wouldn’t be hard for someone to work out plan.
If they can use SRM on us at least we should try to ReGrow

Trees help each other under ground in the forest and so do other under ground root. Trees share nutrients and speak to each other in biochemical manner with mycelium (fungi roots)intertwined. All of the life we see growing above ground is nothing compared to the brain like/space like intertwining world below our feet.

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As soon as you spray a poison on a plant it kills the root and the life attached to it…. Right down to the health of the soil it grows in.

Oh yeah, I also believe it is the cheapest alternative. Because I believe in humans who want to save the Earth for future generations.
Science experiments fail several times before you get it right.
We only have one Earth, lets go primordial and become one with the Earth.

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