So I was thinking one day. What is a sin? I’ve heard about them. When I was a little kid, I went to church on easter sunday. And I figured that if you broke the ten commandments, you’d be sinnin. 
I sinned. I paid my dues. 
If there is an almighty god, he is the only sinless entity and you are supposed to live like he would, to become like him and be truly sin free. Can’t be done.

Right, so I got thinking about how cults control the people.
Billions of people follow cults. If you believe the bible book, it says something Like how god created lucifer to be positive like everyone else except he gave him free will. 
Whatever things lucifer thought, or did, that were different from god, were wrong and became a sin. So… god kicked him out for being different. 
I think suicide is declared a sin to trap the spirit within the body. You can’t go to heaven. But you have to live through hell. How many people die happy?
HaHa, what a fucked up game someone started playing with some spirit buddies.

You’re never getting out of here.