The roll

I was headed north east on Wallace Rd. The snow plow had just been through and had leveled the road out but the banks were just high enough to be level with the road. I come flying tight around the turn by O’Brien’s, and my passenger side dips low and I realize, I’m in the ditch below the asphalt and I’m being sucked into the turn. Pulling wheel to the left a bit to see if I can pull her out as I come out of the turn. The wheels catch something and flip me onto the passenger side and I slide. Then I roll to the roof and slide, then she tumbles over to the drivers side and then the turn ends and the rockers under me catch the road and bring me to a stop and finish the roll, back onto the wheels. Three quarters of the car sits on the road, the rest in deep snow.
My headlights shine onto Mr. O’Brien with his tractor. I pick up both mirrors. Pay the man, and off I go. Great ten minutes of my life.