The time between.

There is this time between. It’s almost like lost time. Or maybe empty space.
There’s a space, a void. For her, it’s a space that feels so big. With friends and family there is a familiar space. I am part of the outside space for those others.
My friends go. The space is understood. The connection was made before. Time takes us from those times in space.
The friend has changed. The enemy has changed. The friends are not even acquaintances. Nor the enemy a threat. Some have broken the connection and passed on. She is my best friend. The space. I don’t like it when she leaves.
The time between is empty. Nothing seems to move. Everything is put on pause until the gap is closed. If I live within, the here and now, how can I find my peace. My better half is far away and the here and now is lost. No love to share it with. The moments, the minutes, the hours, the days… the time between. The space is so long and deep.

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