What is pH?

PH is on hydrogen and ion based particle scaled on 7.4 ± 0.04. Its job is to stabilize homeostasis from being acidic and Alkaline. PH is defined as Potential Hydrogen or Power of Hydrogen, measurement of hydrogen density. Water H2O structure is H+ + OH-. If H+ Hydrogen ions increase, the water becomes acidic and if OH- hydroxide ions increase, the water becomes to alkaline. Hydro means water in Greek and most particles of the sun are hydrogen. Other particles such as He, O and C are created from the reaction of hydrogen’s nuclear blast. Everything began from the creation of hydrogen.

Biocera Pure neutral water has pH scale of 7.0. However, human body has to maintain pH 7.4, weak alkaline to produce energy to breath and live. Normally our body stays on pH 7.4 ± 0.04 by hydrogen, parallel to homeostasis so we do not have to worry about eating acidic and alkaline foods.