Entrepreneurship is all about solving problems. I am a guy that has been successful in a rewarding medical device career I love, but finally pulled the trigger on starting my own business on the side. It solves a problem that most people do not know exists. Being in and out of the hospital all day, it is near and dear to my heart. I’ll let the suspense kick in until I am ready to launch….Bear (yes, that is correct spelling) with me as this is my first blog post. I have put my 3 kids to bed and now start job #2.

One of the things I have realized throughout the late nights, ups and downs, frustrations and wins, it has to be your passion. It has to be your “why”. It cannot only be about “making money”. You will be lead astray. While money is important and I am not nieve to say that is not a critical part, personally I have found the purpose of my company to be bigger than myself. Entrepreneurship is hot right now. Shark Tank, social media, podcasts all are contributing to the renaissance of starting a business. I personally believe this is great. The rise of the small business is what has and will continue to make this country great. That said, all the flashy cars and watches on social media are selling fallacies. It is hard and a lot of work. If one starts a business simply to buy a Lambo or Patek Phillipe watch, corners will be cut and products may be subpar to simply make money. Again, nothing wrong with making money. I am a big fan. But it HAS to be done with the right intention. So my first official Medium post is done. I felt like I needed to get that out there. I am off to finalize some launch details.

If you are reading this on a mobile device, I ask you one thing. Take a mental inventory of all the places this week you have set your phone down. Bathroom? Gym? Office? Have your kids played on it? Let all that sink in and what could be crawling on your phone…meanwhile BioCloak Solutions is finalizing some solutions for that-