This won’t be the typical blog written by the founder of a start up company. My previous blogs have focused on our “WHY” (meaning why BioCloak Solutions exists) and the problem we are working to solve. Google Simon Sinek’s book “Start With WHY” for more info on that topic. This blog will NOT focus on technology, bacteria, iPhones, etc. As I sit here late at night after a crazy day 13 hour day, I am thankful. And grateful. And humbled. When BioCloak was formed, I knew this was an opportunity to solve a problem in the smartphone space. Additionally, it was also an opportunity to build an organization from the ground up that had it’s heart, soul, and ethics in the right place. Starting a business is hard. It’s really hard. It is especially hard when you are still an uber-involved husband and father. It forces one to be efficient and effective. BioCloak Solutions has bootstrapped every expense since DAY 1. We have no outside capital, angel investors, etc. We have had numerous offers. I have turned down every one. Why? Because of the commitment to give back… Most investors wouldn’t. understand that commitment and only be concerned with profits and the bottom line.

I spent hours researching philanthropic organizations and wanted to partner with another company doing great work in the antimicrobial space. I came across Water is Life and spoke to the CEO, Ken. He runs the organization, but also spends a large amount of his time in places like Haiti, Africa, and desolate parts of China building the wells and doing the work. I respect that immensely. It was then I made a decision WiL was the organization BioCloak Solutions was going to donate proceeds of every sale to. As I stated before, we are bootstrapping BioCloak from the ground up. With all of the initial R&D, failed prototypes, web design, etc that comes along with launching a start up, we are not profitable. Yet. We will be. Soon. But despite not being profitable, we are getting ready to make our second relatively sizable donation to Water is Life this month. Could that money be used for marketing, product expansion, etc? Yes. So why “give back” when BioCloak is just getting started and not profitable? We have to. If we don’t do it now from the very genesis, it becomes harder and harder to do. Giving back was a priority from the first order that came through. I am a firm believer in giving more than you ask for. As the one who will set the tone and culture of this organization, doing good and giving back is a non-negotiable that will be engrained in the DNA of BioCloak Solutions as it grows. Business is not as simple as gross margins, net margins, ROI, etc. It is not solely about the “bottom line”. Business is about providing value and solving problems. Solving problems, however, is not solely encapsulated by the product line of a company. We have the opportunity as we grow to help another organization solve problems that are much greater than E. Coli on an iPhone 6. We wanted to indirectly help save lives and provide clean water to those who need it most. Every time I turn on the faucet, I am now hyper aware this is something we take for granted. Every. Single. Day. It has made me more aware of small things we may take for granted. Giving back changes us for the better. These are teachable moments for my kids. It is why I am willing to sacrifice margins for the greater good of helping provide multiple families a filtration bucket. So why is giving back a must? In my humble opinion, it keeps us all grounded. It is somewhat of a North Star because if “doing good” is a cornerstone of the culture, “doing good” spills over into every part of business and life. The right thing to do will always be the right thing to do…


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