Loyalty Program on Blockchain

A trend that just begins

Apr 2, 2018 · 4 min read

More and more companies are setting up a loyalty program based on a blockchain. This is an evident evolution. And the tool of blockchain technology has not showed all its potential and democratic utility! For months ago, loyalty programs have been seduced by this tech — we have already written about it — as BioCoin was a precursor in the Russia Federation.

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When tokens come back to your wallet

We answer: the fall will only lead … to growth! ⬆️

Watch the video where Chairman of the LavkaLavka farm cooperative, Alexander Mikhailov himself, shows the wonders of business artistry, creative financial literacy, and explains everything about the course of our token:

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And by the way, as you certainly know, the context is based on buy and sell. So is the definition of the trading: up and down. All investors know that it is part of the challenge. Money is a risk as well as life is risky.

But here — and it is the case of BioCoin — you don’t have to worry. Why? Because most of the time you receive free tokens each time you purchase for products or services among BioCoin’s partners, or you even can have a discount if you purchase in BIO! Then whatever its value at the moment-t, you win. You get something in addition, like a gift. Besides, this is the definition of a loyalty program, which the goal is loyalty …

Discount, bonus points or cashback are very well known rewarding systems and very appreciated for decades in marketing’s field. Either by the marchants or by the customers. This is the best way to maintain sustainable relations. Now with blockchain technology, the system can go further … More trust, more security, more informations for the customers who can manage their wallet to their discretion.


Loyalty program and crypto become best friends

Why BIOCOIN’s loyalty program is a good project?
Because BioCoin project makes sense as the aim is to support green activities! Actually, the environmental situation is so worrying that all current projects should be “green”. Or social, or linked to responsible or sustainable approach.
Anyone who wants to develop a sustainable economical system today must be aware of the green impact of his acts. “Responsible”, in an organic and holistic harmony, is a basis condition in order to welcome the best future on our (unique) planet, where everybody deserve to live. BIO rewards can help push people to better green behavior.

That is the reason why our eco-loyalty-system is a tool.
Any such project can have a great development if their nature is really useful. For exemple, the last one we have heard about is Cultural Places, an Austrian new project for a blockchain-based loyalty program in the cultural field: education, art and culture are the basis of an adult construction, then this idea sounds good — as well as organic food, environment and eco-activities projects are useful, and even necessary, to recover a new green livable future.

This phenomenon–rather than a trend–just begins. No doubt that it will contribute to spread the crypto and blockchain ideas among population everywhere in the world.

As Charles Ereth said himself in a TEDx Talk:
“Loyalty Points: A New Global Payments Currency”.
Watch his speech here: https://youtu.be/dyizyA8t4TY


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