by Emily Straton and Biodun Iginla, News Analysts, The Economist Intelligence Unit, London

Jeremy Corbyn: Britain’s most likely next prime minister

Print edition | Leaders

NOT even Jeremy Corbyn could quite picture himself as leader of the Labour Party when he ran for the job in 2015. After he became leader, few could see him surviving a general election. Now, with the Conservatives’ majority freshly wiped out and the prime minister struggling to unite her party around a single vision of Brexit (see Bagehot), the unthinkable image of a left-wing firebrand in 10 Downing Street is increasingly plausible. Bookmakers have him as favourite to be Britain’s next prime minister…

18 September 2017–23H40 GMT/UTC/ZULU TIME

by Leila Mohamed and Biodun Iginla, France24, MANAMA


Bahrain on Monday accused Qatar of seizing 15 boats from the kingdom with 20 fishermen on board, in the latest spat between the neighbours caught up in a diplomatic dispute.

In a statement on its website, Bahrain’s interior ministry said Qatar had seized three Bahraini boats with 16 aboard in the past two days.

Coast Guard commander Ala Siyadi said in the statement that this took to 15 the overall number of boats seized and 20 the number of fishermen.

The Bahraini authorities did…

The next Bundestag

by Isabelle Roussel and Biodun Iginla, Political News Analysts, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Berlin

German politics is about to tip rightwards


by J.C. | BERLIN

A CERTAIN sort of Anglo-Saxon commentator is permanently convinced that Germany is about to fall apart. Witness those American shock jocks ranting about no-go zones in cities whose names they would struggle to spell, let alone find on a map. Or those imaginative British tabloids that routinely suggest the nativist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party will sweep Angela Merkel from power. Witness, too, mainstream commentators who should know better prematurely writing off the chancellor and, effectively, declaring Germany the next…

by Isabelle Roussel and Biodun Iginla, Political News Analysts, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Brussels

Print edition | Europe

A YEAR ago Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, surveyed his dominions and found them wanting. “Never before”, he told the European Parliament in his annual state-of-the-union address, “have I seen such little common ground between our member states.” Battered by economic and political crises, the European Union was staring into the abyss. Britain had just become the first country to vote to leave the club, and populists were on manoeuvres across the continent. Difficult elections loomed. “Our European Union is, at least in part…


by Sunita Kureishi and Biodun Iginla, BBC News and Reuters, BAGHDAD

BAGHDAD — Three suicide attacks claimed by Islamic State killed at least 60 people in southern Iraq on Thursday, a health official and police sources said, suggesting a shift in the ultra-hardline group’s tactics since it lost control of its stronghold in Mosul.

Iraqi and Kurdish security officials say the Sunni militants are likely to wage a guerrilla war in Iraq after their self-proclaimed caliphate in Mosul collapsed.

Islamic State is also under siege in the Syrian city of Raqqa, its operational…

Media captionTrump ‘fairly close’ on Daca deal with Democrats

September 14, 2017 18H:45 GMT/UTC/ZULU TIME

by Melissa Gruz and Biodun Iginla, BBC News, Washington DC

US President Donald Trump has said he is “fairly close” to a bipartisan deal to protect young undocumented migrants known as Dreamers.

Mr Trump told journalists at the White House that any agreement must include “massive border security”.

The president said funding for his planned border wall was not part of the pact.

Mr Trump spoke a day…

14 September 2017–02H00 GMT/UTC/ZULU TIME

by Tamara Kachelmeier and Biodun Iginla, France24 Technology reporters, Washington DC


US rights groups sued the government Wednesday over the increasing use of warrantless searches of cellphones and computers of travelers, including American citizens, arriving at US borders from abroad.

The American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation sued the Department of Homeland Security and two immigration agencies for searching the personal electronics of 10 US citizens and one permanent resident as they were returning to the country.

Several but not all of those named in the suit were Muslims…


by Alyssa Mann and Biodun Iginla, BBC News and Reuters, Spokane

One person was killed and at least several others wounded when a suspect opened fire on Wednesday at a high school near Spokane, Washington, police and local media said.

The Spokesman-Review newspaper reported that a suspect was taken into custody following the shooting at Freeman High School in the Spokane suburb of Rockford.

The paper reported that one victim was killed and at least several others wounded.

Three victims were in stable condition and being treated at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center…

Media captionFlorida nursing home survivors evacuated

by Kathy DiNuzzo and Biodun Iginla, BBC News, Miami

Six people at a Florida nursing home that was left without power for days after Hurricane Irma have died.

Police evacuated 115 residents on Wednesday from the facility, whose air conditioning was cut by the storm.

Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief said three were found dead at the nursing home in the city of Hollywood. …

Image copyrightREUTERSImage captionAung San Suu Kyi has been criticised over her handling of the Rohingya crisis

by Xian Wan and Biodun Iginla, BBC News, Yangon

Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi is to miss next week’s UN General Assembly as criticism of her handling of the Rohingya crisis grows.

Some 370,000 Rohingya Muslims have crossed to Bangladesh since violence in Rakhine state escalated last month.

Ms Suu Kyi is facing allegations from…

Biodun Iginla

Biodun is a political news analyst with major news organizations and the author of 57 books of fiction and nonfiction.

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