The Night when The Moon Fell

The sky was pitch black

The leaves rustled uneasily as the wind passed by

Carrying the scent of iron and salt to the rose garden

But then, it was just another night

As the moon began to crawl

Claiming its throne up high on the zenith

The sky was tainted red

In the midst of the silent night, streams of red stained the pavement of white marbles

That night, silence was a bliss

There where the night was set ablaze, cold wind was a gift

But as the first sound broke the silence

All hell broke loose

And when iron and silver met flesh and blood

They spun in a never-ending macabre

Dancing in ash as petals of withered roses poured down

And so the moon fell upon

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Probably that doesn’t make much sense. It was a prologue of an abandoned novel I wrote so long ago. It was supposed to tell about an annihilation of a city of a certain fictional race, the Aliatheian, guardians of the Doors and the eldest race with immense magical power and vast knowledge beyond measure. The Doors are portals which can only be open by selected few of pure Aliatheian blood. Since they guard it from the ancient time, no one really knew where will the Door lead.

This led to the curiosity of another race which are famous for their hunters and assassins, the race which lived in the dark and which history said acquire their dark magic through forbidden pact with the Dark Creatures, the Necht. Under the leadership of a once-famous assassin, they invade one of the Holy Grounds of Aliatheian and burn everything to ash in order to obtain the Door.

However, the Nechts couldn’t unlock the door because not long after they burned the grounds to ashes, they were defeated after a horrifying battle of mages by the Aliatheian. Bodies were laying on the ground, holding the crest of red blooming roses of Aliatheian and of the two golden crescent moon in a shape of a water drop of Necht. Because of this massacre, the Aliatheian declared war to the Nechts which then led to the famous battle of the five major races, The War of Extinction.

Thaaat was the backstory of my abandoned novel. I don’t know, it just seemed pretty cool. The story of my novel was supposed to be several centuries after The War of Extinction. Lame, I know. I don’t know why I write this on Medium.

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