Benefits of using a Stereo Microscope

Most of the times it gets very annoying and disturbing when we need to close one eye and examine through the other while seeing through the old and conventional microscopes. When you are using a Stereo Microscope you get all the advantages and benefits of the conventional microscope and you also need not to close both of your eyes while examining any sample because the Stereo microscope has two Eyepieces that are used to see through the microscope and along with it you get many additional benefits by using this microscope. There are a number of benefits which you get while using the slide scanner along with the stereo microscope.

Advantages and Benefits of using a Stereo Microscope:

1. One of the main benefits of using the stereo microscope is the convenience of the two eyepieces which you hardly get in any of the conventional microscopes. These two way eyepieces let the person to keep both the eyes open while examining the sample. The eyepieces have the rubber fitting supports which make the work more comfortable and easy while seeing through the microscope.

2. Most of the microscopes provide the 2 dimensional image of the subject or the sample that you are looking through the microscope, but when we talk about the stereo microscopes you get the best 3 dimensional image of the sample, object or anything that you keep under it. More over with the help of the slide scanner you get the realistic and original three dimensional images which are clearer as compared to any of the conventional microscope.

3. The conventional microscopes have only two points that can adjust or change the focus of the microscope lens where as the stereo microscope has a great option of adjusting the focus of the microscope because these lens that are assembled in the stereo microscope are made in such a way that they can be adjusted or zoomed to a great extend. This allows a great magnified and clear image of the sample which makes the study of the analysis more easy and accurate.

The dual illuminator system is again one advantage that you get with the stereo microscope and the slide scanner. The framing of the microscope is done in such a manner that the dual illuminator provides light from above the sample place as well as the light from below the sample which gives a perfect viewing of the image in sufficient light, hence making the study more effective and correct.