Increase your Cloning efficiency with Gel Imaging system and its application as 3D profilers

Over the last couple of years, safety of labs becomes the most important concern during the research performed in universities &companies. With the recent technological advancement in the research field, it has lowered down the danger of performing the critical research.

GEL imaging system

The gel illumination & imaging system provides the long lasting solutions &safety for DNA research. They are offering the compatibility with a large number of nontoxic DNA dyes.
They are being used for gel documentation and to record & measure the stainedacrylamide gels over the technical platform with digitized technique, so the yare becoming the most affordable option of storing the data & of accurately sampling the quants.

Usefulness of this technique:

  • They work well with the tablets & smart gadgets like iPhone, Ipad, android, windows etc.
  • One can instantly share the images, text, can do email or store in the cloud.
  • Can get the optimum focus with adjustable focal length.
  • It works well with the UV &blue light transilluminators.
  • With this system, 2 filters are available.
  • Offers reproducible, HD images for documentation of GEL.
  • It’s easy to use system can capture real time images on PC’s& Laptops.

Compatibility & other options

Most of the data of GEL imaging & documentation system is quite compatible with the PC’s and comes as a complete software package. For your convenience images can be stored and manipulated at your end for the presentation purpose.
They assure a perfect fit for the research needs of your based on the detection mode,compactness, resolution, flexibility & cost.
For taking the accurate data and for the quantitative read of nucleic acid & protein bands, fluorescence, visible light detectors, Ethidium bromide is available. They can simplify the image processing with automatic exposure and auto focus.
This system is also suitable for capturing, viewing, images from the agar plates of light, dark, combined color colonies, auto radiographs, protein, DNA, RNA, slotblots of both DNA & RNA and of microarrays. So basically it’s an ideal system consisting of white light transilluminators, UV trans-illuminator, mini darkroom, and printer.

Basic functionality

  • Its digital camera of 18 MP resolution can produce the HD images.
  • System’s hardware &software options can allow the system to be budget friendly.
  • The PC interface of GEL imaging system can allow convenient automation of image control can camera control options.
  • It can capture GEL of any size.

Application of Gel imaging system in 3D profilers

The 3D profilers are just like an interference microscope normally used to measure the variations in height. Basically used to measure the roughness of a surface using the wavelength of light. It is a well-established method of accurately measuring the measurements of a surface. They use the wave properties of light to basically compare the optical path differences between both the test & reference surface.