Trump the Dadaist
Walter Nicklin

The Dadaist movement did “blow things up,” that’s absolutely true. I’ve never forgotten the exhibit that a high school teacher took me to at the Art Institute of Chicago. I was mesmerized and galvanized. But there was method to Dada’s madness, and in the end, a hope that some real insight would come of it — and sweeping change, in its wake. They blew things up hoping to wake us up, and then rebuild a better world. I don’t know what Trump wants. We don’t know what he’ll do or say or why. Yesterday, he went after Boeing possibly because of an article in which a Boeing official said something he didn’t like. His entire campaign may have been his response to Obama’s roasting a few years before. If he’s an anarchist, it’s an unintentional and somewhat malevolent and thin skinned one. Tristan Tzara probably would not approve…

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