4 Reasons Why You Need A Cryptocurrency Alert System

Olivia Howard
Jul 4, 2018 · 4 min read
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Source: coinmarketalert.com

Having survived the era of doubt and scare of government bans, the cryptocurrency industry is on the rise day in and out. Every day, more investors, either small or big forage into this ever-expanding market. Every day, new tokens are being developed on the Ethereum blockchain.

In the vast and extensive market, investors face a lot of uncertainties over the often fluctuating prices of the Bitcoin, Etheruem and other altcoins. There are a lot of other changes that occur perpetually in the cryptocurrency markets, which investors must monitor to be successful at trading their coins. Of such changes are market cap rise or fall, performance potential, indices of cryptocurrencies and so on.

However, as this investment is an alternative means of generating income, the need for crypto investors to focus attention on other things has given rise to the development of monitoring the market events of cryptocurrency. Here then are four reasons why you need a cryptocurrency alert systems.

1. Time management for increased earning: as a cryptocurrency investor, you either have other means of generating income, or you are investing in quite a number of cryptocurrencies. Monitoring all these coins at once or performing astutely at all your other jobs can be demanding and as such, having an alert system that can warn you in time of danger would be very important. The alert system can notify you of a price rise or fall and other market dynamics depending on the capabilities of your chosen cryptocurrency alert system.

2. Trading precision: by having an efficient cryptocurrency alert system, you stand a chance of being precise with your trading. Trading is ever dynamic, but the success of trading depends majorly on being able to sell at a high price and buy at a low price. An efficient cryptocurrency alert system can help you to achieve this as it alerts you once prices begin to increase and also when they begin to fall, giving you the opportunity to gear your time and resources towards maximizing profit by planning precisely to buy low and sell high.

3. Forecast ability: this advantage only comes when you have a robust and efficient cryptocurrency alert system as most cryptocurrency alert systems focus mainly on price changes. However, there are market events whose occurrences help an investor to forecast the possible future performance of a cryptocurrency. With this prediction, the investor can decide when to sell or buy more volume even at a time when the price is not yet changing. Among such ability that a great cryptocurrency alert system can offer are price potential alert, change in volume alert, new coin entrant alert and so on.

4. Tracking investment performance: like the point discussed earlier, this is another ability that can only be gotten from a robust and highly efficient cryptocurrency alert system. A major service offered by this robust alert system can help investors monitor the performance of their investment in the cryptocurrency market is the profit and loss alert. This alert works by notifying investors once their investment hits a profit or loss margin.

Now that we have discussed the reasons why you need a good cryptocurrency alert system, the question remains choosing the most robust and efficient cryptocurrency alert system. Most cryptocurrency alert systems out there offer only alerts relating to price changes with a few taking a step further to add alerts based on volume changes. However, CoinMarketAlert (CMA), a cryptocurrency alert system comes highly recommended. This alert platform offers basic alerts such as Price alerts, Profit/Loss alerts, Market cap alert (by %), etc., and also have advanced and custom alerts such as price potential alert, velocity and volatility alerts, specific coin market cap alert and user-created custom alerts.

That isn’t all, CMA also has a token of its own called the CMA token, which is used by registered members to unlock services and advanced cryptocurrency alert features. With over ten thousand registered members and currently serving well over seventy thousand price alert and notification on a daily basis, the CoinMarketAlert system is the most sought after crypto alert system as of now, and that’s not even because registered members receive CMA tokens when they create alerts on the system. What’s more? Users can also create and sell their own custom alert, charts and KPI’s to other members within the platform.

In addition, CoinMarketAlert offers API’s to receive alerts and notifications by Telegram messenger, Discord messenger, Web hook/call back, email and browser push notifications.

Besides protecting your crypto investment with a robust alert system like CoinMarketAlert, why not seize the opportunity to earn in the process with CMA token; an ERC20 utility token which powers the CoinMarketAlert platform. The CMA token crowd sale is on, and you can get tokens at a discount.

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