Meet Raj Shamani: That Useless Kid’ That’s On A Mission To Make People Useful

Olivia Howard
Mar 6, 2018 · 3 min read

Growing up as a young boy back in India, Raj Shamani would likely not have won any awards for ‘Most Promising Future’ amongst his peers. Frequently described with derogatory terms like ‘lazy’ and ‘useless,’ he stumbled through early school and life discouraged and disheartened. As expected, this kind of negative environment affected and impaired his self-esteem leading to poor performance in school and life.

This is the typical story of many youths that grow up to become a problem in the society, and it’s a direct result of the damaging words older people speak to them.

But not Raj. Raj decided to fight back at the downward direction his life was heading and to believe in himself. By taking that bold step and learning from great people around him, that young, obscure boy turned the tide to become a force to be reckoned with today.

Raj Shamani: Turning Things Around

Raj Shamani admits that he spent many years unsure about where his life was headed. Like most of us, he had dreams but no clear directions or plan to achieve them. And criticism from people around him just demotivated him and made the situation worse.

Fortunately, he never gave up on his dreams. He followed and learned valuable insights from some of the world’s best influencers and mentors, and is now spreading that life-changing information at global platforms.

Today, Raj is a 21-year-old entrepreneur and speaker who has gone from that unknown childhood to featuring in speaking engagements in over 12 countries worldwide. He started Shamani Industries to help his dad grow the traditional family business and still finds time to travel for speaking trips that inspire people across the globe

This young man has so far spoken in India, Romania, USA, Austria, Singapore and so many other countries and people are listening to him. Why? Because he uses his personal experiences, pain, and challenges to inspire and motivate them in an interactive manner that his young audiences can relate with. By telling other people what he suffered, they can see that they are not alone and that they too can still succeed even in a very negative environment.

The so-called ‘useless kid’ has become a ray of hope to young adults/teenagers around the world who are facing the same challenges he did as a kid.

Raj has started a YouTube channel and an Instagram page where the public can see and watch his travels and speeches.

It may sound like a fairy tale, but it’s not. This is a story of determination despite overwhelming obstacles. Raj took the time to learn from the world’s best through reading about them, watching their videos, and then meeting them in person. It took him a whopping 300 attempts in front of a camera before he could summon up the confidence to give his first speech in front of an audience. Thereafter, it became his mission to inspire others through his words.

For more of Raj Shamani’s story and his drive to inspire people to find and embrace opportunities, listen to his recent TEDx talks.

Surprisingly, he doesn’t charge money for his speaking engagements, and he recently turned down an offer in 2018 to join one of the biggest speaker’s agencies with a very attractive salary. He declined the offer choosing instead to go to small cities in Europe and help teenagers become more confident and self-aware.

Also, he makes a decent amount of money already working with his dad in the family business. That aside, his focus and mission is to make kids feel important about themselves especially in a society that is quick to judge and demotivate young people.

And he says that’s what is most important to him.

‘It doesn’t matter how much money I make or how many cars I have, what matters is how I make others feel about themselves’ — Raj Shamani

Read more about him at here.

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