How I still don’t know whether I can wash my “BabyinaBag” sleeping bag on high temperature

I love many features about our BabyinaBag sleeping bag: how it feels, how easy it is to put it on or take of, as well as colors and patterns. What I don’t appreciate (and that is a big one!) are the machine washing instructions and the fact that it was manufactured in China (I would prefer local products).

Machine wash cold on delicate cycle with like colors. Line dry or delicate low heat setting. No bleach. Cool iron.
Instructions for Safari winter model

This prompted me to contact the company: both by emailing them on February 20th, 2017 at and by filling a form I am yet to hear from the company.

You can find the text of my email here:

I bought three of these baby bags and they weren’t exactly cheap. Moreover, I also think that as a customer I deserve an answer when it comes to the safety of the product marketed for infants — especially since it looks like the company has no trouble to email me when it comes to an advertising:

Yes, I did use 35% discount (in case you were interested)

What is your experience with sleeping bags for babies/toddlers and their care?