An Open Letter: Why Co-opting “Transracial” in the Case of Rachel Dolezal is Problematic
Andy Marra | 홍현진

Substitute the words — female, woman, lesbian for transracial and you are describing just what women have been saying about transgenderism.

White heterosexual men declaring they are female, declaring their penises are female, declaring they have the right to call themselves lesbians because they are heterosexual men, declaring their right to invade female spaces and safe spaces because they “think” they are women, declaring because they are women, we have to start saying not all women have vaginas or the vagina monologues is insulting to women who dont have vaginas, and so on.

When we, as women and lesbians, stand up for ourselves, the trans community calls us derogatory names, and threaten us with physical violence and rape.

Society thinks this is wonderful as transpeople get more and more rights to define female/woman/lesbian on their terms — legally.

It is a little hard for me to be sympathetic when I am quite sure many of you asking for critical thinking, dialogue, and support are more than happy to throw biological women under the bus.

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