Biox Token Airdrop for BNC Holders

Sep 15, 2018 · 3 min read

If someone researches the crypto markets, he can find out that almost every token out there claims that it is created for easier payments. Few of them offer real solutions to the existing problems and fewer of them might become real. We introduce you to Biox token, the ultimate incentive token for the Bionic platform.

Biox token differentiates from every other payment method as it will be an incentive token for the Bionic platform. Most of the blockchains distribute incentives in return of your processing power or your staking of their tokens. It is not quite common for incentivizing the user for their use of wallet, transactions or use of services. As mentioned above the Biox token will be the incentive token of Bionic platform, that means one will earn Biox if he transfers money from his/her Bionic wallet, or one will earn Biox if he/she makes a trade on Bionic exchange once it launches. We wanted to reward our users who use our services and Biox is a great way to do that. Another great thing about it is there will be loads of means to earn Biox in Bionic platform.

Moreover, users will be able to use Biox will be used as a fuel for Bionic platform services. They will be able to pay their transaction fees or buy other services by using their Biox tokens. Biox owners will also have some privileges in the Bionic platform in future.

We also have great plans for Biox token. Once we launch our exchange platform, there will be a store in the platform and you will be able to buy anything from electronics to toys or hosting services with specifically Biox token in there. We are also very excited to say that we plan to convert Biox to airway miles once we make agreements with various airways. Biox will not be any token that has no use; it will be a real reward system for the Bionic platform. You will be able to buy anything from a single toy to a plane ticket with your Biox and you will earn those Biox from your daily use of crypto.

The team will periodically buyback the Biox from the market and they will inject them into the incentive system. That will enable a sustainable incentive system without creating token and reducing the price periodically.

Great news does not end here. BNC holders will receive Biox token for each BNC they hold once the ICO starts. Biox will be created. Biox will be given to BNC holders in 1:10. Therefore, whoever holds 1 BNC will receive 10 Biox tokens. Biox will be sold on ICO

The rest Biox will be saved for incentive system and development of the system. The unsold tokens after ICO phase will be burnt and deducted from circulation supply.

ICO will start 21 days later and the ICO price will be 1 Biox = 0.00000035 ETH.

It will also be an option to participate in ICO with BNC as a surprise!

The snapshot for the airdrop will be taken on 16:00, Oct 3 (UTC+8)

After ICO ends, we are planning to list Biox on Idex and Hotbit so that users will be able to trade their tokens if they wish. Additionally, Biox owners will be able to buy our groundbreaking B-Wallet for cheaper!

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