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Sony Walkman just turned 40 years old. Portable cassette players were replaced long ago by personal devices that play music with better sound and less fuss, but there’s no shortage of people waxing nostalgic. They bemoan the lack of tape in the modern mixtape. They remember what a game-changer it was to add a custom soundtrack to life. I miss using my Walkman too, but for a different reason.

Sony’s honoring/capitalizing on the anniversary with the NW-A100, a new digital audio player with a fun case+screensaver design that mimics the look of the original Walkman, the TPS-L2 from 1979.

Games like NBA InPlay (which I designed and launched with FanDuel) and HQ Trivia let large groups of people interact like never before.

NBA InPlay rewards players for good timing.

You’ve heard the story countless times: disparate individuals use social media to collaborate and accomplish an otherwise unachievable goal. It doesn’t matter if participants live nearby or are separated by an ocean — they can come together on on Kickstarter to bring back Veronica Mars for a movie, or launch the Arab Spring.

Networks focused on shared goals can be super-powerful, but they’re not new. Social media just amped up size and speed. …

Dan Melinger

former VP Product @FanDuel, dad, husband, tinkerer, bionic prosthetics connoisseur, entrepreneur, schussboomer

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