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Bionic Owls
4 min readJul 23, 2022

At the beginning of the 22nd century, artificial intelligence technology had advanced to the point that it was finally possible for humankind to realize their dream of space exploration beyond the confines of our galaxy by utilizing space crafts. “We want to explore space” is the slogan for every person in their soul.

The various nations of the world dispatched their vessels towards the vicinity of the stars to discover resource-rich planets on which they could set their flag and establish control. Every country is in the space race, and they all want to be the first to find a new planet.

What they discovered was a planet that, if it had existed in the past, would have made the greatest dreams of novelists and creators from centuries past come true. It is a beautiful sight, absolute beauty mixed with fear and darkness.

This planet, which was always shrouded in darkness and known as “Night Planet,” was a frigid, uninhabitable place.

Nevertheless, what these robot crews discovered next was undoubtedly the most significant event in the history of humanity — interstellar life. The life we didn’t think even existed is in sight. It is pretty unexpected, and we don’t know what to do.

These were not the typical alien beings we picture, with protruding eyes and big green heads like the ones in science fiction movies. They were a species of owls known as “Night Owls,” and they were known for their high level of intelligence and sophistication. It is thought that their civilization has been residing on the Night Planet for thousands and thousands of years, at the very least.

But will the Night Owls accept us, or will they go to war!!! This is the tension the whole world faced for a few minutes.

The Night Owls are generous and accept us with a great hand. With time, they trusted us and became one of the greatest allies on Earth. ​​Over time and repeated excursions to the Night Planet, humankind and the Night Owls formed a trusted alliance.

The Night Owls use solar lighting as an energy source, which is produced from their farms. It is used for building, energy, and protection.

Eventually, with humans’ help, a limited number of Night Owls were given robotic augmentations to help them make the treacherous journey between the Night Planet and Earth. The public started referring to these owls as “Bionic Owls.” They functioned as the messengers between Earth and the Night Planet.

These “Bionic Owls” became superstars with fans all over the world. All the big brands on Earth are talking about using bionic owls as their brand ambassadors. From all the famous brands and companies in the world, everyone is into “Bionic Owls”. Someone even kidnapped a bionic owl, and the UN and world countries threatened to start a war against him to release the bionic owl.

As technology progresses, AI is increasing rapidly; it is getting out of humankind’s control, and there is complete chaos.

Robots are taking over the Earth and making it a junkyard. All the humans were killed, and now AI wants to take over the universe.

Night Owls first got to know this when a batch of Bionic Owls didn’t return. They feared what might happen and confirmed it on Earth.

The AI changed some of the bionic owls. It infected them and made them rogue. It made some soldiers conquer all the planets, including the “Night Planet”.

The wise owls saw this danger and formed a clan of Noble Owls. Their duty is to protect the planet from the dangerous Rogue Owls. To save their world, they need more power, weapons, and strategy.

The Night Planet’s delicate biosphere could not support such a large inflow of dangerous new residents. To keep up with the Rogue Owls, the Noble Bionic Owls must undertake laborious and time-consuming journeys across the robotic ruins that used to be Earth in search of robotic technology that may be used to augment their armor and weaponry.

Expeditions like these are risky because they must get past a minefield of sentry bots, robot patrolling squads, and dangerous military robots in the air, as well as advanced monitoring and surveillance appendages on the ground.

In the ruins of Earth, the noble owls can find enormous treasure, but there is a significant risk on Earth. In the meantime, wild owls are attacking the night planet’s habitat, destroying trees, nests, and energy sources. The Nobel Owls must stop these, or else everyone on their planet will be dead.

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