GameFi in Africa

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3 min readSep 22, 2022
GameFi In Africa

Suwe, who is in the garden and boju boju were games played in Africa years ago then with the creation of Android devices, games like Candy crush, Call of duty, Pes, Temple run and subway surf originated but the growing popularity of the blockchain is changing all that as more people are getting aware about a platform that enables you to play games and get paid for it. This is the gaming revolution taking place in Africa.

What is this revolution?

GameFi, aptly called the Play-to-Earn (P2E) , is currently the hottest trend in the blockchain space.

P2E is the idea of gaming in which players earn certain Crypto assets as they play.

With the release of the first P2E game called Axie Infinity which gained prominence during the lockdown period. The world saw a new adoption of the Blockchain into the gaming sector as it also allowed a merge between NFTs, Decentralized Finance, Web3, Crypto tokenomics and the Metaverse. While some P2E games have a high barrier of entry like Axie Infinity, some have low levels of entry like Bionic Owls.

GameFi IN Africa

Due to political issues, economic instability and poor infrastructure e.t.c, The Blockchain is receiving massive adoption from the African youths to fully embrace the decentralization and wealth creation opportunities amongst other things. Countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya are the highest crypto-adopted countries with an increase daily.

The gaming industry in Africa is undergoing a shift from the traditional games where you spend money and time as P2E has a reward structure in place which includes NFT asset ownership, Social influence and community building.

P2E Games by Africans

Below are P2E games created by Africans,

  1. Minaland — — a promising African GameFi project that aims to allow players explore worlds connected directly to NFTs created by talented artists from around the world, as well as earn $MIN tokens for exchanging NFTs on the marketplace.
  2. Bionic owls — A fully accessible FPS/PvP game which is being founded on four tiers they include:
  • In-game currency rewards
  • Staking rewards
  • Creation of guilds and DAO Formation
  • NFT asset ownership (including items, characters, buildings and land)

Benefits of GameFi in Africa

  1. The GameFi presence in Africa has led to the creation of gaming guilds in Africa.

The likes of:

  • Gamic guild
  • Smart Guild
  • Metaverse Magna
  • Tuzanye game guild
  • Afriguild
  1. It has also led to the creation of diverse Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) in Africa.

In essence, the African involvement in the GameFi industry is increasing as the days go by, soon we should expect collaborations and possibly partnerships from top African founded companies into the industry as the blockchain market has the age demographic they seek.

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Bionic owls is the first fully accessible FPS/PvP metaverse game emerging from the combination of multiplayer video game, state of the art blockchain and decentralized financial technologies.

Creating a sustainable ecosystem is the main motive of the Bionic owls metaverse game play.

NFTs obtained and traded within Bionic owls creates an economy that replicates the tangibility of real world assets and ownership.

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