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Bionic Owls
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WAR, WAR, protect the night planet. All these cries raised to the sky. The beautiful night sky is trembling with terror. With the Rogue Bionic Owls on the loose to conquer the night planet. It is time to fight the terror and to protect their lives and the night planet.

But how did this happen??

Humans tried to explore the universe when they invented light speed. In search of the deepest mysteries in the womb of the universe, they found something miraculous. With the most beautiful dialect of darkness,they found a planet.

“It is impossible to live here” cried some humans, “without any protective gear”.

This planet is dark, with strong winds and stone age icy. But underneath there is beautiful fauna that radiates light to give the spectacular sceneries.

“This is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen”, said a human, they thought no one was here.

Then the night owls emerged. One of the majestic species of owls with advanced technology and development emerged.

“They are going to kill us” thought the humans, but the night owls welcomed them with kind hearts.They accepted humans as friends, and we even welcomed them to Earth in peace and friendship. Some were given mechanical augments to travel from Earth to the night planet and were called bionic owls.

They became superstars of the Earth but cruel AI have taken over the planet with its robots. Even some of the bionic owls are infected by the AI turned into Rogue Owls. They marched to destroy the night planet. The remaining owls protect the Night planet; they are called Noble Owls.

You can be a raging rogue owl or notorious noble owl. The gameplay elements that you are excited to play.

Fight for the Glory


The Bionic Owls experience includes various activities, one of which is combat. There are many various facets of the game that keep players interested through the utilization of a variety of components and components.


To complete a mission or a challenge, the player must complete a series of individual objectives. The standard activities that raise the bars can be completed in a shorter time than these, which take a little longer.

The objective here is to use these to achieve short-term, medium-term, and long-term objectives. The goal of this is to generate interest and participation.

Collect Resources

The player can earn both Experience Points and Solar Lighting in the macro by completing the tasks in the micro loop. These are two of the most essential resources in the game.

These incentives are an essential component of the macro loop since they confer more capabilities on the player.

Land NFTs Land serves as the principal meeting place for all players. This is their very own private area, in which they can express their individuality and contribute to the overall diversity of the other players. Players can construct their “Trees” in whatever they deem proper.

Raise the level of the player’s owls.

The process of rewarding players with experience toward their Owls Level should not be difficult to understand and learn, depending on how we want to reward players with experience toward their Owls Level. Considering that this is one of the most critical aspects of the game for the player’s growth, the functionality should be straightforward.

The number of experience points players obtain due to the micro loop being used to its utmost potential is one of the primary sources for the leveling system. The objective of the leveling system is to provide the player with a progression from novice to expert status by teaching them, at each subsequent level, different methods to interact with and make use of the game’s content.

Equipment / Character Upgrades

When it comes to role-playing game systems, there are always going to be equipment-based power levels that are related to the progression of the players within the system. This makes it possible to take a highly systematic approach, resulting in an emergent experience for the players.

Additionally, the leveling system is connected to various metrics specific to the player’s character. These aspects are more exclusive to the individual character that the player controls within the game. These characteristics are linked with each owl, given that they each have their personalities.

There are three categories of equipment that correspond to different classes:

Weapons; deliver damage. Most weaponry is long-range sci-fi guns; however, certain weapons can also be utilized effectively in close-quarters battle. Each weapon shares the following statistics:

Armor; each component of the body has its own specific armor. Each component has the ability to mitigate the damage that a specific actor deals with. Rare armor comes equipped with specialized abilities that are activated passively and can make the wearer more resistant to specific forms of damage.

Augments are the process of changing different body sections to increase a character’s statistics. For instance, an augmentation of the wing can improve the flying speed or maneuverability.

Damage comes in many forms and can have a variety of repercussions, including the following:

• Fire, which deals destruction over a period of time.

• Ice; proceed with caution for a time period.

• Poison; weaken defense.

• Electric temporarily reduces the amount of harm dealt outward.

• Slime; for some time, flying will be impossible.

With these skills, you can combat both Noble Owls, AI Robots, Rogue Owls and the Night owls.This creates an intriguing gameplay and it creates a lot of options to play and have fun. These are the combat elements of the Night owls.

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Creating a sustainable ecosystem is the main motive of the Bionic owls metaverse game play.

NFTs obtained and traded within Bionic owls creates an economy that replicates the tangibility of real world assets and ownership.

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