• Dnavid


    I propose a new and better way to use our DNA to improve our health and well-being. You get paid DNACoin! https://dnavid.com (alpha)

  • Carlos Villarreal G.

    Carlos Villarreal G.

    Universeͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤ of loveͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤ

  • Bruno C. Vellutini

    Bruno C. Vellutini

    Biologist interested in evolution, embryos and larvae, marine invertebrates, coding and open science. https://impactstory.org/u/0000-0002-0000-9465

  • Samuel Lampa

    Samuel Lampa

    Developer in ML/AI at savantic.se | PhD in Pharm. Bioinfo from pharmb.io

  • Nicholas


  • Mike Trizna

    Mike Trizna

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