Bio-Safe One Resolve The Septic Tank Soakaway Failing Problem

Bio Safe One- You can set up a complete new soakaway drain field in a various component of your lawn if you are not in a Groundwater Resource Safety Zone and have enough land of the appropriate soil type. You must also have a winter water table that certainly not comes to within a meter of the base of the soakaway and no rock within 1M of the base of the soakaway. These are all new guidelines which you must conform with. However, around 70% of all sites don’t succeed one or more of these situations and if so, new below surface soakaways are not a choice. Our own branded above ground soakaways may be a choice, but new soakaways are not inexpensive. You should click on SEPTIC TANK SOAKAWAYS for a specific explanation of these new guidelines.
Septic tank soakaway design drawing

Bio Safe One

You can discard the entire procedure and set up a full sewage therapy unit which CAN if they conform with the Common Binding Guidelines, release to a ditch, flow, land strain etc. The effluent is removed from your residence and with it, all the problem of soakaways. This is now the most affordable option accessible if you have a ditch or other watercourse that is available. Please visit the VORTEX sewage procedure plant web page.

You will buy a ‘transformation’ kit to fit within the septic tank, but you MUST be conscious that these ‘alterations’ are in contravention of the Atmosphere Agency Common Binding Guidelines, as they do not have and cannot get the needed EN 12566 Documentation. You will never ever obtain an Atmosphere Agency Difference for these conversion kits and in any situation, they became unlawful on 1st July 2013 under the Development Products Instruction. Septic tanks were never ever designed to become a sewage therapy unit. They have an not enough number of compartments and the wrong settings of compartments which are the incorrect size to adjust. In order to acquire an Allow for these, you would have to dig up your septic tank and deliver it, finish with the transformation kit, to an EN Test Center in European countries for efficiency examining. If it approved, you would be given the needed EN 12566–3 Certificate, but it would price you around £30,000 for the examining.

You can use your septic tank as the 1st agreement stage of a complete 3 Septic Tank Transformation Unit stage sewage therapy unit. The Septic Tank Transformation Unit is set up AFTER the septic tank, attached to the outlet pipe and will change your system into a complete sewage therapy unit.

The FilterPod sewage procedure plant is the ONLY place that has the needed EN12566–6 Qualifications in the UK and is the ONLY septic tank transformation unit approved under the Atmosphere Agency General Binding Guidelines. Beware of some providers and INSIST on viewing their EN12566–6 Qualification — they will not have one.

The last effluent from an aerated septic tank transformation unit is the same standard as a complete sewage therapy unit. Unlike septic tank effluent, the producing water can be released to a ditch or stream etc. The septic tank, having a higher capacity than in an ‘all in one’ sewage therapy unit, can still last at least 1 year between emptyings. The units are little and the damage to backyards, etc. is limited, though they are no less expensive than a full sewage therapy plant.

If you have lately bought a house with a faulty septic tank system, it is sometimes doable to use the Legal Program to make your Solicitor pay for the repair or replacing works. It is also often achievable to have the total price of the replacing system paid for by your Building Insurance company. See our sewage systems insurance plan page and contact Bio-Safe one on 8664246663 to discuss.

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Bio-Safe One reverses clogged drain fields and failing septic systems