Omeros Corporation: Why This $11 Biotech Has Substantial Upside — Bret Jensen

It is nice to see a large rally today on confidence that the polls are correct and the U.K. does indeed vote to stay in the European Union. Although I can certainly understand the Brits desire to leave what has become an often ineffective and increasingly bureaucratic entity headquartered in Brussels, the last thing the global currency and equity markets needed right now is this sort of event that could have triggered significant volatility. We will hope investors have made the right bet and get confirmation of the victory of the “remain” faction when polls close at 5pm eastern standard time in the U.K. If not, it could be a very brutal day of trading Friday.


One sector that has reacted very positively to this development is biotech which is up more than one and a half percent today as we head to the close. If polls are correct, this rally should continue into Friday given how beaten down the sector has become. We just issued a newly released 12 page report on why we think a small biotech concern called Omeros Corporation (NASDAQ:OMER) which is currently trading at just ~$11 share has substantial upside ahead of it. I offer it up free here as food for thought and for consideration going into end of the week trading as we await confirmation from England that the rally can continue when trading resumes on Friday.

Bret Jensen

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Disclosure: I am/we are long OMER.
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